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I went to San Francisco to test out my new Sony NEX-5N. I went to Missino district and Alta Plaza Park at Filmore. The goal was to get a feel of the camera, and take various shots to see how the camera would handle my random shots.

While I was in Mission, I took few shots while walking using Auto Aperture setting. The camera felt good, but since I was using the Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle lens, there were occasions where I had to walk up to capture the details of the subject I wanted to take.


When I went to the Alta Plaza Park, I had the opportunity to test taking photos in various direction where light was coming at me directly versus shooting away towards buildings to see how colors would come out.

I like this photo. In other typical camera, the people in the shade might have came out too dark, but the camera was able to beautifully handle without putting out strong contrasts.

I like this photo. The color came out vivid, even I was taking it while walking. Even zooming into the cables, you see that the Nex 5N was able to process each cable line beautifully.

I switched over to iA mode (automatic intelligence mode), and shot the Mollie Stone grocery store while sun light is facing the camera. This shot was pretty cool, because I learned that the camera was able to adjust or process such harsh light and the image of the store was captured pretty nicely (although not perfect). I gives me confidence to use iA mode when I’m not sure what set up will give me a good quality output.

I’m a total amateur in photography, but I came to learn that I can trust this camera to take some great photos. I wish the camera had more lens options, as I like to take more photos of buildings and scenery, I don’t think this lens will do it. Not sure if Sony offers another wide angle e-mount lens as an option.

Because the Nex-5N is a touch screen, I’m constantly worried about scratching the screen… I highly recommend getting a screen protector sheet for the LCD screen.

Another one that I recommend getting is, a lens protector film. The lens cap is small and requires pinching the cap to take it off. There were many occasions where I almost dropped the cap, and in that process I worry about damaging my lens. Might as well grab a protector that has a UV cut filter.

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