| Fort Funston in Daly City Great Place for | Fort Funston in Daly City Great Place for Dogs

For the first time, I visited Fort Funston in Daly City. I heard from someone that the place is very dog friendly and the beach is off-leash for dogs. Turns out the place is really really awesome.

My wife and I took our dog “Kuma” and walked the park, and down the path to the beach where many dogs were swimming off-leash. Since Daly city is always in fog, it could get quite cold. However, during summer the day may turn out really nice.

I’ve also learned that the place is well known for Hang-Gliding. On a day where there is enough strong wind, people are flying close to the shore.

Since the park is friendly for dogs, there is a place for dogs to drink water, and there are multiple places with trash cans. This place is highly recommended for people who own a dog.

Fore more info: Fort Funston park in San Francisco

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Fort Funston Details:
In some places at Fort Funston the dunes reach heights of 200 feet or more. At the foot of these rugged dunes and cliffs is a wild and windy beach suitable for walking or horseback riding.

These great sandy bluffs, combined with the steady ocean breeze, make Fort Funston one of the premier hang-gliding spots in the nation—especially between the months of March and October. Fort Funston is a Hang-III (intermediate) site with a launch area and wheelchair-accessible viewing deck. For those interested in learning more about this daring sport, several hang-gliding shops in the Fort Funston area offer instruction, sales, and repairs.

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