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Over the weekend, I went to Yokohama for some Chinese food in China Town. We were also interested in the Yokohama art.
Recently, I heard many art actions are going down there so I had to go to check what’s really happening there.

Currently, one of the big event going on in Yokohama are is the “International Triennale of Contemporary Art”. A lot of creative modern artists are desplaying there crazy arts in various places in Yokohama city. The main place is taking place in Yamashita Pier.

BankART 1929” is another art project going down in Yokohama Bay area. The event utilizes old calassical buildings and transformed it into some kind of expressive modern art. There are some temporary cafe opened up just for this event in old warehouses, and it was cool.

It was really cool exploring Yokohama, as it is one of the cool city located near Tokyo and major cities, which I never really took a chance to seriously visit.

Yokohama Art Walk

Yokohama Art

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