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Movie life in Tokyo is quite different from back home. Movie tickets run around 1,800yen ($1:100yen, then it will be $18). At first I was like da—–mn, I could buy tickets for my mom, and grand ma. As my life gets settled with this over priced tickets, I can handle it much better by reducing my visits to movie theater by once a month instead of once a week.

If you think about it, the Japan’s movie buyers gotta buy the movies off the film company, translate it, market the movie, etc. So I guess we ‘consumers’ gotta support this deal.

In Tokyo I tend to use theaters that are more convenient and new. Why convenient? whats the difference? Well, if you think all theaters are the sam e here in Japan, you are damn wrong. Depending on the movie theater, they only offer 2 shows per day with no restriction to rather the seat is full. Basicly you gotta sit your ass down on the floor or stand and watch.

Here are some pointers to make your movie life an easy one here in Tokyo Japan:
1) Make sure you check the time of the show and the location of the venue.
2) Try to choose a theater that allows you to choose and assign seats.
3) Try to buy or reserve the tickets a day before hand.
4) Becareful not to choose the movie offered with voice translated to Japanese. if you prefer original language.
5) If you got a open seat ticket to a popoular movie, expect to line up. Worst case senario is, you’ll have to stand up to watch the damn movie.

So far these are my recommended movie theaters in Tokyo area.
Roppongi Hills Virgin cinema
Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Odaiba Cinema Mediage

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