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After Shodo-shima, the gang and I went to Takamatsu to suck some noodle down our throat.
Here is the photos link: Click Here
(5/4 – 5/5) Our one way ferry ride to Takamatsu was good. Perfect weather and temperature gave that final touch to our Shodo-shima trip. As we head out to Takamatsu, the Seto-nai-kai (Seto Sea) was looking nice, and made all of us silent. People were all over the deck just to feel that breeze.
Takamatsu is known for Udon (Japanese fat noodle soupe), and that was our main purpose to visit there. It was my first time to visit Takamatsu area, and there was a lot of things I learned from this place.
In Takamatsu, we visited Ya-shima. Little mountain where Yoshitsune (some famous dude) fought long time ago. This is one good place to visit and have a look at the whole Seto sea and the city. Yes, this place offers that same damn frisby for you to throw into the nature.
Another must to visit place we didn’t want to miss out was the “UDON” !! Yeah !!
This dude from Toyota car rental suggested us this minor noodle factory (Yasutani Seimenjo) for some udon. Apparently, noodle factory not only make noodles, but offers some home style cookin’ udon. It runs about 100-250 yen. Quite cheap. However, even the dude from Toyota car rental was a local, I don’t think he knows what a good udon is… Second place that Ken randomly choose was soo much better. Good job boy! Check out the photos.
Let me give you a list of some things I’ve noticed and learned.
1) City seemed very tight on budget.
If you look at one of the photos, there are trash all over the tourist site in Ya-shima. They charged us 600yen to get up there… why not use that to clean up?? I guess this is the truth behind Japan that minor city’s are tight on budget. No wonder small towns are merging into one big city just to get more budget from the government… Also I have to mention that there were few abandoned building in this wonderful park.
2) Takamatsu has a really nice pier/port.
Note from the photo that Takamatsu did a good job in designing a nice pier. People walk their dog, and enjoy the walking. I wished young kids could be little creative and do some weekend activity to attract more people to such a nice place. Like, street market, performance, sell ice cream, etc.
3) Young people looked very bored.
Yes, you young people, wake up. Be proud of your udon city and work things out!
4) Udon was good as expected.
Yeah, look at the udon photos. Look good right?
Anways, one day is enough with this city, but don’t forget to buy udon for your friends before you go back home.

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