| Massive amount of people in | Massive amount of people in Tokyo

Japan’s population is decreasing. Apparently even in Tokyo, there will be less people in the core of the city within 30yr. People will also move out to a major city/prefecture near by.

But looking at these photos I took, you definitely can’t imagine fewer people in the popular hang outs of the Tokyo urban streets. Where do all these people come and go to?? I’m sure in this area, even 30yr from know the number of crowd observed will not decrease. I guess it is hard for me to visualize the decrease in Japanese population. As Japan’s global economical and political power decline, population trending downward is a serious issue. It is hard to imagine that form these photos though.

On this weekend, I stopped by this area called “ura-harajuku”. Another side of Harajuku where underground urban folks hang out. It is little below the nice trendy celebrity like town called Omotesando. Got to love the side streets in Tokyo.

People in Tokyo

This is photo from Shinjuku

People in Tokyo inside train station

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