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Over the weekend, I attended my coworker’s wedding. She did her wedding in Japanese style which is quite rare now a days. She is wearing a traditional kimono dress. Cool stuff.

The pictures are taken before the couple went into the shrine to the ceremonial practices.

It is very hard to come across to such traditional wedding now a days so I guess I was fortunate to be able to see such wedding.

If you are lucky you might be able to see one if you visit some shrines.

Japanese Traditional Style Wedding

Japanese wedding information from

“Contemporary Japanese weddings are celebrated in a great variety of ways. Many contain traditional Japanese and Western elements side by side.
Traditionally, the religious wedding ceremony is held in Shinto style at a shrine. Nowadays, this shrine may be located inside the hotel where the festivities take place. A Shinto priest conducts the ceremony which is visited by only the close family members of the couple. In the ceremony, the couple is purified, drinks sake, and the groom reads the words of commitment. At last, symbolic offerings are given to the kami. The couple is dressed in traditional kimono.

After the ceremony, the couple welcomes all the guests, and the reception party is held.”

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