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When you think of right wings, what do you imagine? Bush, Rumsfield? Maybe those hot shots in those muscle cars with confederate flags hanging from them antenna. Well, here in Japan we got these dudes called “Uyoku” which really means “right wing.” They tend to come out during the weekends, and on national holidays. What they do is just scream and sing their banzai emperor shit. Maybe they got some good points to say, but definitely they they’re not getting their message across with them loud cracked speakers.

Now here’s the funny part… If you look at the photo, what do you realize? The car is a damn Astro van!! Dude, if you are a hardcore right dude, then go get your self a Toyota or Nissan or something. Cracks me up!

Damn right the police gotta stand straight when I take the photos. Hahaha!!

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