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After work, I headed out to Haneda Airport in Tokyo to catch an airplane to Fukuoka prefecture. Fukuoka is in Kyushu region which is that huge island down south of Japan that you’ll find on the map.

This trip is planned by the three guys you’ll find in my Thai photos. Hotels were not fully booked and a lot of part of the schedule weren’t completed yet, but I think it should be ok..

If you’re traveling to Kyushu, ALWAYS plan better. We went through a lot of hell…

The hotel we booked only had two beds, and lucky me won a game so I got my own bed instead of sharing it with my guy friend. The two other folks had to share a bed… Like I said, be prepared. Sometimes hotels in countryside of Japan get full pretty quick.

In Fukuoka, this street called “Oyafuko Dori” is quite famous for it’s lively atmosphere. We asked the locals and apparently this small restaurant behind the police box on that road is good. It is called “Yama-chan”. The noodles are crazy good. Check it out.

Fukuoka is known for it’s small portable restaurant booths on the street, called “Yatai”. The foods are great. You can just stop by one of those tents and grab something to munch.

Yama-chan Fukuoka Kyushu Noodle Shop

Yatai in Fukuoka portable restaurant

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