| Axis of food waste (日本の食べ残し事情) | Axis of food waste (日本の食べ残し事情)





I was walking in Shibuya’s center street. (where young people like me hang out… j/k)
I’ve noticed this homeless was digging out the trash trying to eat some left over food. With all the “Bling Bling” kids walking beside the scene, it was quite interesting seeing this kind of gap in life.
What hit me hard was, nice amount of foods are laying around in the streets of Tokyo (Japan).

According to government’s data, 60% of the food in Japan are imported from oversea due to lack of land, domestic supply, blah blah blah. In one year Japan gets about 10,000,000t of raw garbage. 36% of these raw garbages are left over foods, and 14% of the raw garbages are untouched foods.

Apparently, this marks Japan as number one country that wastes food.
I love the food offered in Japan, they are the best. I wish Japanese or people would start to realize how their foods are very precious. Especially being a country that worked hard out of hunger after world war II.

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