| Weekend in Saarbrucken of Zaarland | Weekend in Saarbrucken of Zaarland Germany

In Zaarland, people are chill. They don’t mess with the inner city rat race stuff (j/k). My Saarbrucken friends were kind enough to take me to mountain bob sledding at some mountain. The view was spectacular! The weather was just right, and at the top of the mountain there is a little beer garden where people could drink beer. Germans sure love drinking beers.

After the sledding, Saarbrucken friends and I headed out to some huge lake. It is like a weekend hang out place for the locals. Germans will bring their swimming wear and do their tanning here. Some will kick soccer ball, and some will even do ride wind surfing. I’ve never seen a lake that is used like a beach, cool stuff.

One of the friend has a Swedish toy called Kubb so we played it at the lake. This game is quite fun and challenging. You have to knock down to eliminate all your wooden block with the wooden stick. I think it is a wonderful game for friends and family for picnic or BBQ.



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