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I woke up early and took the taxi to the station. This lady taxi driver was driving like a formula one race car drivers. She was going 120km/hr (over 70mi/hr) on narrow side streets. No wonder German drivers do well F-1.

I took the ICE (bullet train in Germany) to Mainz, and met up with my friend Tina. It was on Saturday so Mainz had an open market going on. It was awesome. A lot of local products were on the street from vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. Good amount of French produce was there, too.

In Mainz, you can find the Gutenberg museum. Although the Chinese were the first inventors of the printing, in the western world, Gutenberg is the first printing guy. It was quite impressive to find some of the old printing machines, and prints. You can say 95% of the printing back then was Jesus related stuff. Just like the numbers of Cathedrals in Europe.

In the evening I met Tina’s friends in Saarbrucken and ate at a tapas restaurant, and watched Argentina play.
Saarbrucken is a capital city of Zaarland. This city is located near the border of France and Germany. People here were very nice. They are very proud of their state, too. Just like Californians! I should write another entry just for this place. Thank you Zaarland!!


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