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I walked to Louvre, but it was closed… I walked to Picaso museum, and it was closed again… Don’t go to museums in Paris on Tuesday, period.
So I walked to Notre Dame. It was quite nice in there. I chatted with this girl from Koln (Germany) and she told me that Versailles isn’t that far. So I went there using the metro.

Versailles was huge. Really huge… I recommend taking a quick trip inside the palace, and then chill at the beautiful garden. After this palace, I went back to St. Michel and had a sandwich. Sandwiches in Paris are quite nice. Simple and good. If you don’t know what Versailles is then look it up in wikipedia. One of the crazy stuff that Kind Luis spent a lot on to make it.

I walked along Saint Martin street and I noticed a lot of baby clothes shops. So if you a mother of a child, then you might want to walk by this street. FYI, they didn’t look expensive.


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