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I love the ceramics from Heath in Sausalito CA, which is also a place my wife and I go once in a while. I recommend going there when there is a special event going on.

Here is a little description about the place… Mid Century design ceramic placing a strong emphasis on design, handcrafted techniques, and the reinvigoration of the company’s designer-maker legacy. Its dinnerware is used in the country’s top restaurants, such as Chez Panisse, Brasserie 44 at the Royalton Hotel, and The Slanted Door.

The ceramics aren’t cheap, but definitely worth the value if you like to own a piece of unique tableware that is very nice looking. To me the colors resemble the traditional/ancient colors in Japan described as “awai” color.

Right across from the Heath ceramics studio is a art center where many artists rent to work on their arts and show case. Worth checking that out as well.

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