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Recently, I drove up to Napa Valley via Pacific Coast Highway. It was quite a drive going through this route.

California’s central coast is such a beautiful place. I’ve never been on this road in my life after living in this state for a pretty long time.

I eventually stayed one night at Santa Cruz, but I had a wonderful dinner at Carmel by the Sea. Carmeal was a very trendy town. I would love to go back there and drive through the 17mi route near Monterey.

It was really amazing during this time when you pass by one of the vista point located towards north of central coast. There are many Sea Lions on the beach chilling out. Those Elephant Sea Lions are pretty damn big. It was also really nice siting baby Sea Lions as well. Check out the photos!

– California’s Central Coast photos from my Flickr

– Photos from kid625’s photo archive

Elephant Sea Lions

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