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I lost my Kindle Paperwhite during my tavel to Brazil’s World Cup in July. I was pissed because it was only recently that I bought the Kindle Paperwhite. While I was contemplating on replacing it with another Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon announced the new Kindle Voyage. It was a great timing as it gave me a good reason to buy considering it as an upgrade.

Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite the device it feels much better in many ways. It feels much lighter, screen improvements are noticeable, and the touch screen feels a little more responsive.

I like the new UI for both the software side as well as the hardware. The Kindle Voyage has buttons on the side next to the screen to allow easy page flip. I felt that Kindle Paperwhite didn’t do a good job providing an optimal experience there.

Is the improvement so noticeable that you’ll need to die for this new Kindle, my answer would be “No”. My main reason for that is the price. At this point of writing, the price of Kindle Voyage is $199, and Kindle Paperwhite starts at $99.  For me the improvements observed on Kindle Voyage were not explainable in the $100 difference in price.

If you’re totally new to Kindle e-Book reader in general, and looking for something that is great yet budget not being the issue, then Kindle Voyage is something I’d recommend.


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