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I recently bought this gDiapers’ bundle for newborn. I’ve learned that diapers in the market usually lasts in the landfill for at least 75 years or more. Given that babies poop and pee a lot, I thought I’ll contribute to good cause by spending about 10 cents more per diaper.

Apparently, young child will go through about 5,000 diapers in his/her lifetime. That’s about $500 additional cost than buying regular diapers on the market.

The gDiapers diapers come in gRefill or cloth diapers that get inserted into the outer shell or gPants. There are 3 different colored gPants that comes along with the bundle, but they are really cute.

Here are the items that come with the bundle.

12 tiny gPants – Perfectly sized for newborns, tiny gPants snap down in the front for the umbilical cord to heal. A gentle leg trim lets tiny legs curl up naturally.

6 small little gPants – When baby’s outgrown the tiny gPants, the size small will be there for a trim and comfortable fit for up to14 lbs.

80 small biodegradable gRefills – Use inside the tiny gPants or the small little gPants.

1 swishstick – For those who choose to flush the gRefills.

This is what the box looks like. It is pretty big, but it has 80 small gRefills biodegradable diapers in it.

I laid out all the items that came with the bundle. Newborns will use the ‘tiny gPants’ as newborns below 8lb are super small.

This is what the tiny gPants look like after inserting the gRefill diaper.

What’s really unique about this diaper is that the strap goes “behind” the baby. That’s because it is designed to put less stress on baby’s stomach and the cord.

I highly recommend this product, the design is great, and it is better for the environment.

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