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In Japan, yakuza hair style is called “Punch Perm”. It is rumored in Japan that such hair style originated from northern part of Kyushu region.

Today, our company had end of the year party in Ginza. I was talking to one of the manager about this employee with a knick-name “Punch”.
It comes from this hair style favored by Japanese yakuza. Obviously this guy in our company use to have punch permed hair style… quite funny… (he is not a yakuza though).

Well, my prediction is that when more Asian minorities populate USA, some Asian dude will start this style. J/K…

It has nothing to do with the yakuza hair, but it is common for Japanese to associate Mercedes Benz or BMW with tinted windows to yakuza people’s car. So if you are in sketchy neighborhood in Japan, and you see one of those cars, you might want to stay away from there.

Japanese Yakuza Hair Style

Check out this book if you want to know more about Yakuza.

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