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One of my favorite ramen joint is Ippudo. I’ve always love their ramen. This was my first time having Ippudo ramen outside of Japan. I was quite surprised how long the wait was. New Yorkers seem to love ramen. However, just like any fine food in New York, it is very expensive. Paying more than $10 for a ramen is a crime to me, but I’ll expense it from work so I can live with it.

Taste was great, but it felt like the noodle was different from what I had in Japan. Soup was little weak and I was surprised not to find the sesame and the fresh garlic on the table, which is pretty standard in Ippudo for those who want to add into your ramen. I feel like the ingredients were obviously scaled back to increase margin, and I couldn’t help but to notice these things.

Overall the taste was great, but when you compare to what I had in Japan, I would give it a B minus.

What I like about the Ippudo’s in New York is that there are plenty of appetizers and food items. In Japan, it is just ramen and few things, but I give a lot of credit for Ippudo to add variety of menu items for Americans to enjoy.


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