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Weather is great, but rain is about to come this week. Looking at car accidents on the Shuto high way, reminds me of this incident.

There was this guy who was excited that he baught a new sports car. He got an offer to put a turbo kit as a proto type. For those who don’t know what a turbo kit is, it is basicly some parts in the engine to make your car way much faster.

One night, he decided to take the car for a spin with his friend to test out his modified car. Apparently the rode was slightly wet due to light shower of rain. Unfortunately the car went off the side of the rode, and crashed into a post. The friend seemed alright, but the owner of the car didn’t look good. His friend calls the 911 for help. Apparently the side bar (bar inside the door for reinforcemnt) pierced through the guy. The medics tried to get him out, but decission had to be made. They decided to call the wife to say the last words.

Cases like this teach us how fragile our life is. There are many messages in our daily life that inform us of mistakes that should be utilized to make our life much safer. What kind of messages do you see and hear from the daily news?

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