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ATSAC (LAミニミニ大作戦の技術)




“Recently featured in the movie “The Italian Job,” ATSAC is Los Angeles’s computer-based traffic signal control system that monitors traffic conditions and system performance, selects appropriate signal timing (control) strategies, and performs equipment diagnostics and alert functions. Sensors in the street detect the passage of vehicles, vehicle speed, and the level of congestion. This information is received on a second-by-second (real-time) basis and is analyzed on a minute-by-minute basis at the ATSAC Operations Center, located four floors below the street in the City Hall, to determine if better traffic flow can be achieved by changing the signal timing. ”

I got this news from UCI’s newsletter. Didn’t know such new technology is getting implimented. I’m sure this thing will help out some of the traffic jam, but systems always have some kind of bugs. What if the bird poops on to the camera/sensor and affects the info feeded into the system. Worst traffic jam will happen…

I know LA drivers though. I’m sure people will start ignoring the traffic lights and stuff. Therefore, if the system breaks, there will be no issue.

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