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In Japan, we refer nerds as “Otaku”. Typical image of one otaku would be a guy thats between 20-40yr old, has glasses on, anti-social, has many comic books “anime” and gadgets at home, skin is pale, and hangs out in Akihabara.
For those who are new to this, Akihabara is an electronic district/city, where lots of people go to shop for cheap electronic items and supplies. Foreigners tend to stop by this city to buy electornic gadget before heading back home.
Recently, for the past several years, these otakus have been occupying the city resulting in changes of culture in Akihabara. Before, more families were shopping for electronic supplies, but now… if you cut the corners near the station, you’ll find anime porns, etc. To some degree it is sick…
If you think about it, average people feel and think negatively about ghettos, an ironic contrast, but same mix feeling apply to Akihabara. Compton, Watts, Bronx, Capetown, Paris (btw, more than 50% of Paris corrupted), etc. When we hear about typical ghettos, we think of murder, drugs, sketchy money, guns, gangsters, and other sorts of garbages of the society. Akihabara is the nerd version of this. Oily fat perverts, anime freaks, anti-social dudes, low on budget, creating low supply of work force for the country, etc. Basicly an outcome of some kind of social problem.
Well this is a cool article by Washington Post, and Japanese article about NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) . I hope the link doesn’t break, but I will include my photos as well. Enjoy!!
Washington Post on Otaku
Yahoo JP’s news on NEET
John, thanks for your “otaku” acting. I hope your smile will bring happiness to the otaku wonderland.

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