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Looks like a riot broke out in the jail near Los Angeles.
Apparently, mexican and african american gangsters had some conflict. Seems like a lot of folks got hurt.
Comapred to the early 90’s, gang banging seems to have calmed down in certain parts of SoCal. Don’t hear much sensational gangsta rap like the Dr. Dre’s “Chronic” album anymore or even NWA. (Check it out!)

I remember reading fast growing Los Angeles (SoCal in general) is pushing out a lot of folks to different area leaving a lot of geeks, professionals, riches, etc in the city. The city is colorful now and such things can be observed throughout such signs like this (below). I guess new Los Angeles urban culture is growing.

I also hear Echo park is much more cleaner and Silver Lake where a lot of drug tradings were going are now cleaned out. Good to hear that.

Los Angeles Hail to the Geek sign

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