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I decided to go to Nagano to chill for this weekend. People and the atmosphere of Ueda city are laid back. I love it.

When I come to this city, I always stop by this fried noodle restaurant called “Fukusho-tei”. They got the best J-style fried noodles that you can’t get in Tokyo. It is the best stuff ever!!

After some noodles, my girl friend and I decided to take a walk to Ueda castle. I met this old dude that was pounding in some tools into a dirt. We asked what he was doing. Apparently, he was checking out the stiffness of the ground near the trees. When people step the dirt around the tree, it makes the ground stiff which ends up damaging the tree. Looks like this dude is a professor from some university. It is very nice to see the effort to preserve nature. One thing I love about Nagano.

At night, we met up with my friend Jun and ate some Yakiniku. Good stff again!! When Jun’s girl friend arrived, we headed out to Ueda Jazz Festival. It was great since the event was free, and it was held outdoor near the Ueda castle. This singer named Keyco was good.

After the live, we had to blast some fire-works. We bought some fire-works in this awesome shop (thousands of selection). We were blasting these fire-works near a base ball field, but this old dude came out and asked us to leave… damn it. I guess our long day finished really good.

Fukusho-tei best fried noodle in Nagano

Ueda Jazz Fest

Fire works store in Ueda

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