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SMBC is a bank called “Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation”. One of the biggest bank in Japan.

I had to send some money to my other domestic account held by a foreign bank. The service at SMBC was crap, horrible. I am used to the slow service of the banks, but this time I am fully confident that I can say SMBC service is really a shit.

I had my number ready in my hand and was glad to see that I was up next for the service. BUT no. I had to wait 30 freakin’ minutes just to get my service going. Now I guess the video camera caught my angry face, and the floor manager came up to me to apologize. I don’t want to see no apologies, I just wanted get my damn service.

Another thing that pissed me off was that this old Japanese lady didn’t know how to read alphabet, so I had to rewrite the whole thing on separate sheet of paper in x10 the original font size.
I am definitely going to switch my bank. Adios SMBC.

Side note: I noticed that this crazy ass bank is a sexist company, too. All the personal at the window are women (I’m talking ALL of them). Not to mention ALL the managers were men. Screw this bank man.

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