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Note: Photos of the trip can be viewed here: Click here
(5/2) Ken, Goto, and I headed out to Shikoku area after work to get out of Tokyo for the golden week holiday. We decided to stay at Kobe for the night in this small little capsule hotel. The hotel was equipted with some nice spa. We got some beer, got drunk, choked some ramen, and chilled in the hot spa.
(5/3) We had some breakfast at Sannomiya station (good food, but awful system. store didn’t allow us to take certain take out menu to eat in the store). Anyways, we headed out to Himeji port to catch the ferry to Shodo-shima. Funny thing with riding JR there was that all the JR trains we rode were always delayed by several minute… A flash back of the JR train crash incident gave me some chills (also looking at ken’s face gave me some chills, too). Just make sure you avoid sitting in the first cart.
Shodo-shima is an island in Kagawa prefecture that is known for olives and soy sauce. Ferry was one hell of a chill ride. Many little islands are in the Seto-nai-kai, and it was really nice taking the boat ride in the nice breeze.
As soon as we arrived in Shodo-shima, I was impressed with the clean sea water. Problem we faced when we got off the ferry was that we realized the Fukuda port we got off was a bit far from the Sakate port which is the port we were planning to stay. With no idea about the island, we ended up waiting for the bus for about an hour. This bus was cool. The bus goes through the coast with winding road, and this 40yr oldish woman puked all over the floor near the rear of the bus. Everyone just gave her this cold looks. This kid with this T-shirt that says “Glad 2 C U” checked his shoes just to make sure no puke was on it moved toward the front of the bus. Good kid, he made me laugh so hard.
Finally arriving to Sakate port, we checked into this sketchy public pension like hotel. The name was “Cycling Terminal Elies”. I was like what ever dude, no body was cycling in the damn city. Yes, this city is so cool that nothing was open after 4pm. We had no choice, but to visit this Marukin’s soy sause factory and eat soy sauce soft cream (yummy…)
Although the hotel/motel/pension we stayed at looked like a building that used to be a mental institution or hospital, the port’s air was clean and it was chill in general. We just couldn’t stay in the room that smells like medicine (this is for real). When we were out side chilling on the pier, this old dude was shooting golf balls into the sea. Thank you sir for polluting the sea god damn it! What even pissed me off was when I yelled “nice shot!!” he totally ignored me… fuckin’ punk.
Our day ended peacefully…
(5/4) This morning started fresh and clean. We headed out to Kanka-kei, where the all mighty cliff was made of volcanic rocks with beautiful forests and monkeys. Stupid people were selling some frisby made out of dirt or cracker which is used to throw in between some ugly loop for good luck. Ofcourse some dumb family had to buy this and had the kids throw them in the wonderful nature… How stupid. Might as well throw the damn kid into the loop for good luck. polluted_scenary
After the nice view of Kanka-kei, we headed out to the olive park. Here we ate some nice so-men noodles, and jumped into the spa. After naturally drying our naked body, I grabed an olive soft cream. Tasted way better than soy sauce ice cream for sure. Leaving the beautiful scenary behind, we went to Tonosho port to head out to Takamatsu city.
Shodo-shima was great. You should go and check it out, too.

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