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Japan is a great place to be if you are a noodle freak. I love noooooodles!!
If you are familiar with cup noodles and all that good stuff, then I’m sure you are aware that it was invented by some Japanese dude. I guess he loved “ramen” so much he had to make it instant…
If you are interested to learn about the history on cup noodles, then here you go.
Well, instant noodles are one historical invention made by Japanese, but we have to appreciate the various types of real ramens first. There are soooooooo many kinds. In tokyo along got thousands of ramen shop. Basic categoris I can think of for ramen are… Shoyu (soy sause), Salt, Miso, Tonkotsu (pork base), Chicken, Katsuo (fish base).
Pretty much these are the main types of ramen. If I left out something major, I’m sorry…
Just because there are only few types of ramen, don’t expect all of them taste are going to be the same. If there are 100 ramen shops, expect 100different kinds of taste. If you hit ramen “

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