| Palms Cafe – Cali Style Cafe (うんめ~バーガー屋) | Palms Cafe – Cali Style Cafe (うんめ~バーガー屋)


Palms Cafeのホームページ


Whazzup whazzup!!
Weather sucked the whole time in Tokyo (rained more than total of 13days in Oct.), but today’s weather was great. I had to leave my apartment and grab some lunch with my friends in Jyugaoka.

We went to this restaurant/cafe called “Palms Cafe”. According to their web site, the store is suppose to be a Cali style from 70’s. I didn’t know until I saw their site though… hahaha!

This is one of the few restaurant that serve a very nice burger. In Japan it is hard to find a nice burger place. Not that I eat them burgers a lot, but I miss that shit sometimes.

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