| MOT Cartier Collection in | MOT Cartier Collection in Tokyo

I went to open party for Cartier Collection at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT).

There were many famous Japanese celebrities and the art collections were exciting. At the party, I did my best to grab and eat some of those French cheese. Good stuff, yummy.

Seems like MOT is trying to revive the art scene in Tokyo. Tokyo has many underground art scenes, but not untill recently that they pushed to have new type of major art show cased in Tokyo. Good job Tokyo.

Anyways, these two art works were quite interesting. The huge lady in a bed was quite realistic. The realism was amazing.

The one bellow that depicts a typical garden is actually made with 100% beads. Must have took a long time to make that stuff.

Well, it was great event and MOT is definitely a hot place to visit in Tokyo Japan.

MOT Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Cartier Collection

MOT  Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

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