| Attacking your back door ! | Attacking your back door !

This week some sketchy Korean ship has entered the Japan’s border on the Japan sea’s side. Obviously this ship was doing some illegal fishing. Looks like this ship is famous for doing that kind of stuff for number of times. Japanese coast gard tried to capture these crooks, but the “bad guys” tried to flee.
During the process, this Japanese dude fell off the ship. While his buddies were working on picking him out of the ocean, the korean boys left the scene and entered the Korean border. Japanese coast gards asked Korean coast gards for support to capture these crooks. They responded and captured these bad boys. Happy ending?? No way Jose!
By international rules/law, if some illegal activity happens within one country’s sea, then they have the right to arrest them, even the suspect goes to other country’s sea. (This is important for world peace and guidelines)
But No! Koreans didn’t want to hand over these crooked bastards to Japan.
What happens next is that both ships had to stay in middle of the sea for more than 40hours until things settle on higher level…
If I was the Japanese officials, I will give them 100t of Kim-chee to thank the Korean officials and exchange it with them suspects…
OK, so whatever about this. The outcome is fine not matter what it is as long as both countries agree on something (rather to let go the suspect to other country on top of some agreement, etc). From my point of view, FUCK the televised media!!
This applies to the whole god damn world. Televised media could never pass over straight facts to their damn people. This story is a good one since after this incident, the Korean media was taking this incident as their top news, saying that Japanese had used unnecessary force and beat up the fisherman.
Agh—-…. so wheres the god damn international rules, the illegal fishing (illegal fishing is big problem in Japan already), suspect running away, crooked people being in someone’s territory without passport ??
Well that applies to Japanese media as well.
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