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I left to Kobe on Friday to chill out and feel the scene out side of Tokyo. Kobe (as named after Kobe Bryant) known as for it’s Kobe beef, the city offers fantastic “teppan yaki” restaurants.

Unlike those Japanese steak house found in USA, these high class steak house do not offer lazer shows or those fancy pepper throwing action.

Enjoy looking at the beef I ate (photo above). hahaha!

Well, since Kobe has a very strong influence from the Europeans during the arrivals of the black ships, the city has many old European style buildings that are still standing.

It is interesting to walk around. Not to mention many kinds of small restaurants and cafes are interesting spots to chill as well.

It has a nice harbor and parks called Meriken Park (Meriken means American), and Harbor land. Lots of nice clean malls as well. Great city!

If you’re in Tokyo and looking for some great Kobe beef restaurants, here you go.

Kobe Suzue

Aji Tetsu

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