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Do you know Japanese style bar/drinking and eat out? It is called the “izakaya”. These photos are from this famous yakitori place in Kichijoji area.

It is a common scene to find after work salary men to go to the izakaya and get a little drunk before going back home. These izakayas are pretty much a second home for many business men working in Japan. They are typically called “salary man”.

These places are also loved by many other people like students. It is a common scene to see crazy students go wild. It is also common to find them puking at the station afterwards…

Famous izakaya hang outs in Tokyo area would be:
Shinbashi, Kanda, Shinjuku, Akasaka, Nihonbashi, Kichijoji, Kayaba-cho, Ginza. Let me know if I left any places out.

Japanese Style Bar Izakaya

Japanese Style Bar Izakaya

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