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I was on vacation for 4 days taking a trip to Hokkaido prefecture. Hokkaido is known for it’s awesome food. Being the biggest island located in the north of the mainland Japan, Hokkaido is gifted with various fresh sea foods and agricultural products.

Before going into the details of my trip, I think it is important to go over some details about Hokkaido. Sapporo (known for the Japanese beer brand) is the capital city located in the heart of Hokkaido prefecture. Widely known food generated out of this big island are milk, cheese, crabs, seaweed, squid, lamb, ramen, salmon, various sea foods, “weed”, and yogurt. If I missed out on something then I’m sorry…

Now that you know this big island offers many great food, that is probably the main thing people (at least the Japanese) have in mind to go visit to Hokkaido. On this trip I stopped by Sapporo, and Hakodate. My mom wanted to go there since she knew she would grab some kick ass sea foods…

My first stop Sapporo was pretty chill. The weather wasn’t that good, it rained on and off. Sapporo was just like any other city in other parts of Japan (my impression). However, you have to dig in, looking for places and restaurants with it’s own specialties.

Three things in my mind to better enjoy Hokkaido is to chill, eat ramen (Japanese noodles) and sea food. Sapporo style ramen is a “miso” based ramen. With sucky weather and all, I decided to go to this park like place with many famous ramen shops located in one place. Another great food we had was the Sapporo crab restaurant. Assorted dishes of crabs was just amazing stuff. Sapporo Kani Honke.

I’ll introduce Hakodate, another main city in Hokkaido in next article. Hakodate was the main city we inteded to visit. However, check out the photos I’ve taken on this trip.

Crab from Hokkaido Hakodate

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