| Good to be back and enjoying Japanese service (日本のサービス) | Good to be back and enjoying Japanese service (日本のサービス)




Now I’m back from Hong Kong, and working my ass off.
It is very interesting that I realized cretain things when I came back to Japan.
I wasn’t expecting anything different from before I traveled, but let me share with you what I thought about Japan.

I realized that pretty much every services (almost all) in Japan like taxi, fast food restaurant, kiosk booth in station, convenience store, you name it, they all provide excellent service.

For example, taxi driver thanked me more than twice, and reminded me to not forget anything. Now, I didn’t get any of that in Hong Kong nor any other countries. No matter how clerks are busy, they’ll say thank you. It feels great, and it is something pricelss (I don’t work for master card).

Japan is one of the expensive country to live. However, people feel good being here, not by the cheap prices on stuff, but I guess the plus alpha factor like services. I guess it is one of those privilages that you can experience only when you are here in Japan.


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