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Sometimes I feel like Japan is a communist country… Many bad news are going around in Japan.

In pass few weeks, the whole Japan’s media were treating the anti-japanese demo in China as their top story. Main reason the demo and violence are taking place is because Chiese are upset about Japanese not providing enough history in the school’s text book on the bad things Japanese did to China during the war time. Japanese government wants to put the bitter experience behind by blinding the kids through education.

Also the big JR train crash incident killing hundreds of people in Amagasaki has been proven to us that coorporate Japan are acting like communist. The JR will punish the bad train drivers by making them pull the weed in front of their office, etc.

JR has told the public that the driver had over ran the train station by 8 meter on the train’s last stop before the crash, but it turned out to be 42 meterish. They have also attempted to blame on the parked car off the street that the train hit. Not to mention JR gave this 23yr old driver only few hours of sleep before his next shift.

Another interesting thing I noticed was in the train I rode yesterday. A lot of Japanese parents go knutts over their child’s education just like any other parents in the developing countries. While a lot efforts are put into cramming college entrance exams knowledge into these kids, I believe not enough parents are teaching good human morals to their kids in Japan. I’ve noticed in the train yesterday that these two kids didn’t want to sit beside this young black lady sitting next to me.

It would have been ok if they just simply didn’t want to sit beside a stinky person or a stranger. However one of the kid made faces and totally made her action obvious that she didn’t want to sit beside the black lady.

Besides this incident, I feel commentators in Japan’s tv shows (especially news) are stereotypical as well. Isn’t it obvious in the entire Japan that Tokyo has many foreiners?? I think schools and parents need to start teaching better ethnic and cultural knowledge. Only if such type of program exist in this country.

My point is, a lot of authorities are enforcing action that is not addressing the bigger problem or causing another issues to surface up. I think Japan needs to rethink about how they enforce and manage information/knowledge. Definitely need to stop doing it the communist way.

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