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暇だったら電車でPSPで遊ぶのもいいんじゃん。これ俺が持ってる奴。SONY PSP

This morning during rush hour, Denentoshi-line’s electric power went out. It is one of the most heavily used line in Tokyo metro. This incident impacted 117,000 people. Not sure if my friends in Cali can understand how it feels, but being in rush hour train is a lot different from being in traffic jam in LA.

You are dealing with random sweaty people next to you in hot train, some people even float due to the pressure. I know one person who cracked a rib… By the time you arrive to work, it feels like you had ran 3 miles without stopping.

Horrible shit. I’m glad I don’t use that line. However, I know people who use that every morning. I respect you guys man!!

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