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“If you can’t share love to the people very close to you, it is very unlikely that you can share love to other people.” I heard this line somewhere recently, and it stuck to me. People talk about helping others, some even start up NPOs, rich folks donating huge money to other countries, etc. So when do people decide to help others… When you are happy? When your family is happy? When you think you are secure? When you think your country is wealthy enough?

I don’t know. Certainly donating money won’t solve things until it is spent properly (Just like many rich countries did with recent disasters). I think important thing is to open your eyes and understand your own surrounding (including your friends/family).
So what’s in your neighbor? Are you sure you are not closing your eyes on something?

Heres another side of LA as an example. The LA skid row. Place where people get a quicky quicky, shoot up drugs, etc.
I think we need to work things out from the inside to outside. Maybe MR. Bush can look into domestic problems first??
If you see this and think your place/country aren’t like this, then you need to wake up. No matter what country you are in, there are always places that are corrupted.

I guess recent disasters around the world made me think a little deeper. Also haveing many different kind of friends engaged in various types of activity gave me a little light on how things around are working.

Photos by Francine Orr, LATimes
skid row
Limo passing by the skid row.
skid row

skid row

San Julian & 6th St

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